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*Presentation of artistic work of artists directly and indirectly connected with Zaglebie Dabrowskie.

* Exchange of artistic ideas and experience, especially about idea of European integrity, local identity and multiculture in art.

* Integration of artistic environment of Zaglebie Dabrowskie and twinning towns of Zaglebie Dabrowskie.

* Inspiring and shaping interest in culture of local communities, especially in twinning towns of Zaglebie Dabrowskie.

* Creating permanent artistic space to confront art of national and foreign artists defined by festival categories.


The Festival is addressed to all non-professional artists from the country and from abroad. The Festival has an open character. Work theme is free.


I Organizer:
The Association for Creators of Zaglebie Dabrowskie Culture in Bedzin

II Festival Custodian:
Appointed each time by the Organizer.

III Term of the Festival: from 23rd June 2013 to 31st July2013
Official opening of the Festival will take place on the 26th June 2013 at 11 o'clock in the Fair and Conference Centre Expo Silesia, 41-219 Sosnowiec, ul. Braci Mieroszewskich 124.
Works will be presented in the FCC till 28th June 2013.
After this term works can be seen in four towns of Zaglebie:
- Zaglebie Museum in Bedzin, ul. Świerczewskiego 15, 42-500 Bedzin
- Town Museum ?SZTYGARKA? in Dabrowa Gornicza, ul. Legionow Polskich 69,
41-300 Dabrowa Gornicza
- Museum SATURN in Czeladz, ul. Dehnelow 10, 41-250 Czeladz
- Museum in Sosnowiec, ul. Chemiczna 12, 42-205 Sosnowiec
IV Categories of the Festival:

1. Painting.
2. Artistic embroidery in the form of paintings.
3. Artistic photography.
4. Sculpture.
Maximum size of works mentioned in the points 1, 2, 3 - length of a longer side cannot exceed 110 cm including a frame. For sculptures - size of the base cannot exceed 50 cm x 50 cm. One person can submit up to 5 works.

V Detailed data:

1. One should send files containing photos of works on a CD or DVD in file formats JPG or TIFF, 300 dpi, CMYK with a full description (each photo should be described): author, title, size, technique, year of creation, price. Files should be sent from 15th March 2013 to 30th April 2013 to the e-mail address: artpassionfestival@wp.pl

Photos of works can be sent also by post (we take into consideration a date on a post stamp) or delivered personally to the address of the Association for Creators of Zaglebie Dabrowskie Culture in Bedzin, ul. Malachowskiego 29, 42-500 Bedzin. Materials will not be given back.

2. The Organizer will qualify works till 15th May 2013 on the base of received photos with description.

3. The list of works qualified will be placed on the festival website on 15th May 2013: www.tworcy.zaglebiedabrowskie.org

4. Works qualified should be sent by post or delivered personally to the address of the Organizer: Stowarzyszenie Tworcow Kultury Zaglebia Dabrowskiego, ul. Malachowskiego 29, 42-500 Bedzin till 10th June 2013.

- On the back of each work mentioned in the points 1, 2, 3 as well as on a sculpture should be placed a DESCRIPTION FORM including: author, title, size, technique, year of creation, price. A pattern of the DESCRIPTION FORM can be downloaded on the festival website: www.tworcy.zaglebiedabrowskie.org
- The packs with works should contain filled in and signed APPLICATION FORM. The FORM should be filled in

with capital letters. A pattern of the APPLICATION FORM can be downloaded on the festival website: www.tworcy.zaglebiedabrowskie.org
- The packs with works should have a precise address written legibly and be protected in
a proper way in a wrapper which can be used once again for sending works back to their owners. The organizers are not responsible for missing of works or any damage that may occur during their transportation.

5. All foreign authors are supposed to cover costs of sending works to the Festival and costs of insurance. The Organizer will cover costs of sending works back to their owners living abroad when the Festival is finished.

6. The Organizer reserves the rights to reproduction and publishing works sent in mass media, electronic media, making documents in the form of a catalogue, video cassettes and films to promote the event with no royalties. The organizer is obliged to convey photos of images with information about their authors.

7. There will be created a catalogue in which works chosen by the Organizer will be published.

8. Works should be taken back from the 1st August 2013 to 31st August 2013. Works, that will be not taken back during the fixed time, become the Organizer's propriety. Works from abroad sent by post will be sent back to their owners at the Organizer's expense till 31st August 2013.

VI Jury

Jury will consist of painters and art critics. Jury's decisions are final and irrevocable.

VII Awards of the Festival: Grand Prix Art Passion Festival in each category.

VIII Final stipulations:

- Filling in and sending the APPLICATION FORM means acceptance of these Rules
- RULES, APPLICATION FORM, DESCRIPTION FORM can be downloaded from the festival website
- Applications and works that do not fulfil conditions of these rules will not be taken into consideration

IX Contact

e-mail: artpassionfestival@wp.pl

web site: www.tworcy.zaglebiedabrowskie.org

- Teresa Orlowska +48 795 422 561
- Andrzej Musial +48 696 173 270
- Teresa Wiekiera +48 602 591 214
- Irena Wiltosinska +48 606 899 664
- Magdalena Mike +48 602 502 478
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